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We broke down the obstacles and inefficiencies in talent & live events merchandising, and set out for a solution. As live entertainment professionals ourselves, we could no longer accept dysfunction, low margins and costly resources. We envisioned a factory-to-customer, sustainable solution that could also spark opportunities for our partners to increase community engagement - that is innovation!

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Next Level Merchandising

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How it Works?

  • Talent Tees is a made-to-order manufacturing and ecommerce platform service.  We do everything inhouse - tech platform, order management, custom manufacturing, shipping, customer service - supported by extensive strategy, creative and web services. We also offer partners with on-site volume stock - so Talent Tees can handle all your merchandising needs.

  • Our made-to-order model works on a % sales rebate model. No cost outlay. High margins. No order minimums. No more product waste. No more storage costs. No more headaches. We typically ship products within 72 hours after purchase.

  • We offer both a "Pick your own Design and Product" experience, as well as featured item catalogs and limited edition labeling for the ultimate consumer experience.

  •  Effortlessly brand and manage multiple shops at the same time to augment sales campaigns. Onboard new shops and designs in minutes.

  • Secure access to to an online dashboard to track sales, onboard new designs, and curate featured products.

  • Talent Tees is your partner for fulfillment of verified merchandising rights packaged on the front-end into your NFT offerings/smart contracts. 

Artist Sales Process

Talent Tees partners with touring artists to better engage fans online and at shows.  It starts with announcing limited edition products when tickets go on-sale, persists on social media until the show, and culminates with promo signage at shows -  making it easy for fans to buy from their phones.  Talent Tees account management assists artist management every step of the way. 

"We used to think of our online store as a single shop.  Now, Talent Tees allows us to easily create and manage multiple shops for each tour stop,  vintage designs, fan membership club, non profit/causes and more. Merchandising is a powerful new frontier for us to increase fan engagement and drive new sales."

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Become a Partner

We will contact you to schedule a complimentary strategy session. 

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