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We broke down the obstacles and inefficiencies in live events merchandising, and set out for a solution. As live entertainment professionals ourselves, we could no longer accept dysfunction, low margins and costly resources. We envisioned a solution that would grow sales opportunities while eliminating upfront costs, order minimums,  product waste, out of stock embarrassment, storage costs and labor. 

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"Talent Tees literally replaces our online store with a multi-shop sales campaign engine. Now we create separate shops for all our events. That's scratching the surface of what can do with Talent Tees. Fans, sponsors and NFT offerings are better served."

Unleash Shops with Your Campaigns

"We used to think of our online store as a single shop.  Now, Talent Tees allows us to easily create and manage multiple shops - individual game shops, vintage shop, sponsor shops, group shops, booster/fan club shop, cause shops and more. Merchandising is a powerful new ingredient in our sales packaging."

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Talent Tees Features

  • Talent Tees is a world class merchandising/shopping platform solution service.  We do everything inhouse - custom-branded shops, order processing, on-demand custom manufacturing, order shipping, customer service and strategy/creative services.

  • % sales rebate model. No cost outlay. No order minimums. No more product waste. No more storage costs. No more headaches.

  • Direct to Consumer & Wholesale/Volume purchasing.

  • Think of shops as campaigns. In no time, you'll be packaging special shops into your email blasts, advertising and social campaigns. Effortlessly brand and manage multiple shops at the same time. Onboard new shops and designs in minutes.

  • Your fans have the power to put your designs hundreds of quality product offerings - apparel, hats and accessories.  Fans can buy products from multiple shops through a single cart transaction.

  • Credentialed access to to an online dashboard to create shops, publish new designs, review sales and curate products.

  • Embed shops, collections and items directly into your website, landing pages and social media. 

  • Talent Tees is your Web3 partner for fulfillment of verified merchandising rights packaged on the front-end into your NFT offerings/smart contracts.


Setup a Shop

Fill out the form below.  We will contact you to schedule a complimentary strategy and onboarding meeting. You may also call us directly at (323)379-4711.