Brand Collaborations

The Tempest team is comprised of brand experts with three decades of experience in product development, licensing, joint ventures and mergers/acquisitions. Tempest works strategically with Talent to identify the categories and opportunities with the right brands to develop the right business approach, and then negotiate winning deals for all. Tempest also works with brands to identify Talent partners and develop brand collaborations that maximize ROI.

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Talent Merchandising

Talent Tees elevates our talent partners by transforming merchandising into a real-time, dynamic and profitable experience - turning a merch transaction into a merch content play. Talent Tees was formed by a team of music, sports, licensing, and manufacturing entrepreneurs, with a fresh vision to solve the dysfunction in merchandise sales with a new technology approach that takes talent merch to a new level.

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Talent's Own Festival Development

You’re the Talent. What if you could own your own festival instead of always putting dollars in someone else's pocket? Think of the Red Bull model, and imagine creating a brand inspired by you, and that you control 100%. Tempest works lockstep with TAG Presents, the premier independent festival production company in the United States and headed by Tempest co-founder Paul Thornton. TAG's roster of festivals include Formula 1, MotoGP, ESPN X Games, Wonderfront Festival, Adult Swim Festival, Austin Fan Fest, Jeff Foxworthy’s Redfest, Mission Fest, Honda Ski Tour, Jeep 48Straight, and more. Tempest/Tag have the experienced team to elevate your brand around the creation of your own festival brand, which can grow into a valuable property while connecting you more deeply into new cultural opportunities.


Talent Business & Technology Innovation

Tempest believes that Talent is a beneficiary from the next wave of tech innovation, marked by a shift from big tech reliance to embracing blockchain community stakeholder models.  Early-adopting music artists and sports organizations have discovered non fungible tokens (NFT), which illustrate the promise of new revenues while redefining publishing, merchandising and fan engagement best practices.  But NFT's are just the beginning.  From blockchain, to the metaverse, to learning management platforms, to new distribution platforms, Tempest is working with technology solutions that inspire talent to disrupt their own business models and increase control of their brand identity, social reach and leverage in business.


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