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The Tempest "Top 5 Standouts" from NFT LA Expoverse 2022

The NFT LA Expoverse was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 29-31, 2022.. As we scanned the South Hall, we noticed that mainstream entertainment companies were absent - signaling it's still early for talent and entertainment property brands. Overall, we were impressed with the show, exhibitors, presenting speakers, and we left flagging five "Standouts" - looking through our lens as facilitators for talent and entertainment properties.

The Top 5 Standouts

1. NFT Artist Exhibitors

The first booth we encountered was Boise artist Becka Watkins. We were impressed by how she ran her business and packaged her art to the canvas, clothes and soft goods. As it turns out, the NFT process for Becka is straight forward,, and its the physical product process that causes her headaches. Sound familiar? Becka's frustration of physical goods and logistics, was echoed by a dozen other talented artists we talked to. Check out some of these talented artists as well -,,, and Whether an NFT, or an old-school fiat sale, every artist needs a new solution for physical merchandising. Fortunately, Talent Tees is coming to the rescue.

2. University of California Irvine - Blockchain Club

A half dozen under graduates crowded the Blockchain UCI booth. With 300 student members in the club, they are looking for innovative projects to get involved with. We spoke with the club vice president, and we were impressed by his knowledge and understanding of the technology and desire to innovate.

3. Piston Token

The last thing we expected to see was a formidable challenger to the eSports/Gaming industry. Although in its infancy, Piston Token, coupled with the right strategy and business model, has the DNA to do something very special. We're just going to leave it there for now.

4. Rush 49

Rush 49 combines an inhouse ticketing engine with event management/production + Web3, and looks to carve a niche into the live event industry. The company is marketing a "global NFT pass" that allows buyers to get into festivals and various events. We were equally impressed with their openness for strategic partnerships with entertainment properties to bring to life innovative ideas driven by property owner needs and requirements.

5. Soundromeda

There were several metaverse world exhibitors with fabulous presentations and visuals. But, we were most impressed with a Fireside Chat by Brayden Pierce, the CEO of Soundromeda.. He described how independent artists and fans will access a music experience inside a universe of artist solar systems and song planets - plus the promise to deliver 100 to 1,000x current streaming royalty revenues for artists.

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