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It takes a super team to pursue impactful ideas. Talent can't do it alone. Tempest has the management expertise to develop, launch and operate projects and ventures in partnership with talent and entertainment properties.  We also create new solutions that solve real problems, while also positioning for Web 2 + 3.



"With Talent Tees we offer a custom shop for every concert tour stop when tickets go on sale.
This changes the game."

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The tempest winds are howling. Covid exposed an ongoing business threat (shutdowns) to the live entertainment and sports industries, challenging executives on how to insulate and sustain operations during times of crisis. At the other end of the spectrum, Web3 is coming fast and it's good news for talent and properties that embrace innovation and extend their brand impact in ways fans/consumers want. That's where Tempest advisors can guide executives through a master planning process that results in a actionable strategy and game plan. If you're ready to look past the old models and innovate – then we'd enjoy learning about your vision and needs.