A Renaissance Brewing on the Horizon 

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Tempest is an innovation engine for world class talent & brands.  
We work with talent/management to implement diversified growth strategies.

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Shutdowns during the last two years have changed the live entertainment and sports industries forever. While festivals, tours and venues rebound, talent and property business models must also change. It's now vital that talent/management position to thrive in this new reality - be prepared for the next interruption. That's where Tempest comes in - guiding talent through a discovery process to lock in a strategy and roadmap for diversified growth. If you're open to exploring the forefront of new opportunities, thinking past the old models, and ready to take action – then it’s time to meet our team.

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It takes a super team to pursue impactful ideas. Talent can't do it alone. Tempest has the expertise to launch new projects and ventures.

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Talent Technology Innovation

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Building upon technology innovations like 5G, blockchain, AI, the metaverse and 3D printing, Tempest believes talent will spark an artistic renaissance, looking beyond their current business models. Tempest plays the role of strategist and connector to help make this happen. To ignite that spark, Tempest formed a collaborative network of world class entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives and venture/private investors, to bring forth new ideas and opportunities for Talent.  Apply to participate in our Innovator Network.