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Shutdowns during the last two years have changed the live entertainment and sports industries forever. Now inflation is driving up costs.  It's now vital that talent/management position for this new reality - being prepared for the next interruption and explore new business opportunities that perform in any environment. That's where Tempest comes in - guiding talent through a discovery process to lock in a strategy, roadmap for diversified growth and immediate services and solutions. If you're ready to look past the old models, and take bold action – then we'd enjoy speaking with you.

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It takes a super team to pursue impactful ideas. Talent can't do it alone. Tempest has the development and management  expertise to launch new projects and ventures.

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Web3, decentralized DAO business models, and the $trillion metaverse are on the horizon and signal a renaissance for talent and entertainment properties.   "Metanomics" pushes talent and properties to grow well beyond their current business models to engage their fanbases and brand partners in dynamic ways. But it takes strategy and planning, and that's where Tempest is poised to be at the forefront of Web3 solutions - our eyes and ears are wide open to Web3 innovation.  We invite you to join our creative professional network.